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Message from Arturo November 2022

Dear players of the ESO. What a fantastic concert! Despite several cases of covid and an unfriendly weather. We had a lovely evening filled with some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written performed exquisitely by the orchestra.

The orchestra gave a perfect rendition of Wagner. They masterfully maintained the excitement throughout the entire piece, the ensemble work was flawless and the last monolithic final chords worked as bursts of energy that sparked the generous applause from a very impressed audience.

The orchestra is natural when it comes to playing Tchaikovsky. This lovely work piece was performed with poise and calm joy, tight ensemble work and the individual colour and mood from each movement were beautifully conveyed.

Finally, the players of the orchestra displayed their top skills in an stunning and unique interpretation of Brahms 2nd Symphony. The atmosphere of each movement was perfectly understood and perfectly showcased. The corners, colours, different instruments’ special moments, mysterious and nostalgic sections and glorious climaxes were all there. The reactions from the orchestra to the beat, changes of speed, dynamics and to the energy of the piece were instant.

At the end, the orchestra enjoyed the equally energetic ovation from a very grateful audience. What a memorable evening!

I would very much like to extend a very warm thanks to Clare for leading the orchestra so well and for always advising me so pertinently, to all the musicians of the orchestra for their very hard work, dedication, smiles and friendliness, our extras who totally saved the day in the specific parts they played, the Management Group, Miles and Viv for organising all the logistics for the concert. Josh for such a professional and slick website, Merrill for her amazing work (and patience) as librarian of the orchestra and all the players who very kindly help setting up the orchestra before rehearsal and concerts and wrapping it all up so tidily at the end.

Have a lovely Christmas and look forward to next term!

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