A couple of notes from Miles and Clare:

All – Arturo, Clare, Orchestra & Helpers

What a great evening yesterday! It was cold, but it was very well attended and you all did a cracking job delivering a wonderful evening of music, covering the ever popular Swan Lake to the ‘new to some’ Franck. I always ask for feedback and as the audience left there were only positive comments with many already looking forward to March.

A couple of suggestions for us too, so we’ll look at those – nothing of issue, but perhaps looking to ‘present’ the orchestra sections to the audience, which I quite like as an idea!

Our support team did a great job, with a sizeable audience, so thanks to Pete Colebrook and ‘Team Payne’ for Front of House and to Val Kirkin and Viv for catering (OK, Trevor you did loads of the preparation too!). We all need to make sure we take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to these guys – the concert would struggle without them.

I am delighted that all lost property has now been paired up with the appropriate owners too. I know travel/parking was a challenge, but every venue/date involves compromise.

Enjoy the break and I’ll look forward to seeing you all at the first rehearsal of the new term – 9th January 2024.


Dear Orchestra Members

Thank you for such a brilliant concert on Saturday.  I came away feeling so energised by the performance.  The Strauss and Swan Lake were excellent, with lovely solos coming across and really expressive playing.  The audience seemed to really appreciate the performance and my young pupils who came to watch the concert were so excited by the performance that they chose to stay to the second half!  I think our performance of the Franck was truly the best we had ever played it.  The orchestra watched carefully, we listened to each other, and we absolutely nailed it!  Well done to you all, a truly excellent concert.

I would like to thank Arturo for his hard work, energy and enthusiasm.  We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and inspired conductor.  He is such a pleasure to work with.

Thank you also to Miles and Viv who do so much behind the scenes.  A lot goes on with forward planning and organisation etc, thank you for everything that you do.

A special thank you to Merrill for doing such a brilliant job as librarian!

Thank you to Josh and Trevor for the programme, poster and advertising etc.  A really important job, thank you for doing it so well.

Thank you to the rest of the management group and the individual roles that you do which all help towards the smooth running of the orchestra.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

With best wishes


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