24th March 2024

Well, this is going to be both very easy and a pleasure! Congratulations to each and every one of the orchestra who performed last evening – collectively you put on a fantastic concert, and one of the best I have been lucky enough to watch and listen to. As a ‘punter’ said to me as they left the concert – they (and I) were blown away by what we had just enjoyed. Oddly enough (and I don’t know the word for an omen which actually follows the event) but the first piece of music I heard on the radio this morning was the third movement of Scheherazade …..

This was a fitting culmination to a term of hard work and it was great to see another full house – something we can build on if we are going to ‘sell out’ the Cathedral in July.

Arturo seems to get the best out of everyone and if looks to me that the feel and mood of the orchestra has come so far over the last few years.

Clare and the other soloists yesterday clearly ‘knocked it out the park’, with little visible signs of the nerves that were there (I am sure) – well done to you all.

The Management Group will meet on Tuesday to review the term and push on with the planning for the July concert, so please do share with me any thoughts you have about the term, ahead of that discussion.

My thanks to everyone who did their bit to make yesterday such a success – our volunteers give their time and often miss out on part of the concert itself to ensure we have everything we need in place, when we need it.

I have copied below a note from Clare, and until next term, have a good Easter break and – thank you for a wonderful evening yesterday.


Dear All

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a superb concert last night.  What a fabulous evening!

The Tchaikovsky sounded fantastic – probably the best we have played it.  The Strauss was sensitive and beautiful.  I didn’t know the Last 4 Songs before this term, but they are lovely.  Lisa was great and so easy to work with.  Scheherazade was absolutely filled with subtlety and nuance, with lovely solos throughout from each section of the orchestra.  Such a challenging piece, but we achieved a great performance. I absolutely enjoyed every moment.  I just wanted to personally thank everyone for your support for this particular piece! So many of you bolstered my confidence and allowed me to keep calm!  It was an opportunity to play a truly lovely, but challenging solo, and your words have meant a lot.  Thank you.

A massive thank you to Arturo for another splendid term – he has once again worked his magic and got the very best out of the orchestra.  Thank you Arturo for all your tremendous hard work.  It is much appreciated.

Thank you to Miles and Viv for everything you do.  Everything happens like clockwork – you are great to work with and your efforts are much appreciated.

Thank you to Merrill, our trusty librarian.  She would like me to pass on her thanks as ALL the music was returned once again!  Thank you Merrill, this is a time consuming job.  Brilliant!

Thank you to the rest of the Management Team, Josh for the poster, website management etc, Trevor for advertising, Judith for room booking, Katie for social media.  Apologies if I have missed a role, but thank you to you all.

I hope you have a lovely Easter and look forward to seeing you next term.

Best wishes


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